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The need for commission in the world of protection.

18th August 2021

Commission is often considered a "dirty word" to those not in the protection industry and many falsely view it as a way for brokers to syphon additional funds from their customers in their hour of need. 

If commission didn't exist however, the only alternative would be a fee. When you consider the average premium per protection policy in the UK is £30 a month (which covers around £600 for the upfront commission to the seller), the upfront fee would need to match this in order for the market to continue running as normal.

When questioned, the vast majority of consumers wouldn't pay £30-50  to purchase life cover, let alone more. Thus presenting a very clear and real barrier to accessing protection in the UK if a fee were to be included. 

An upfront fee also opens the door for discrimination. If policy A only takes an hour to complete due to minimal health issues whereas policy B takes several hours, even days - due to a complex medical history; is it fair that the holder of policy B then pays more of a fee for reasons assumedly beyond their control?

We wholeheartedly support the commission process as not only does it benefit advisors, it's the most consumer-friendly way to sell and provide protection products. The system may not be perfect, but it works far better than the alternative. 

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